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Testing & Consultancy Services is a market leading company specialising in concrete structural investigation, ground investigations, pile testing and construction materials testing.

We have now opened our Midlands Laboratory based in Birmingham and are able to offer the same first class testing services that we have provided for over 25 years in our Woking Laboratory. 




TCS specialise in condition surveys on all types of concrete structures.  We are able to inspect and test concrete structures using a full suite of destructive or non destructive testing including



Cover meter surveys

Half-cell potential surveys

Core sampling and compression strength testing

Pull Outs

Dust sampling


Ultrasonic NDT





We are the leading provider of first class pile testing services in the UK.  In addition to our core activity of Integrity Testing we are able to carry out Dynamic Load Testing utilising either your own or our drop hammer with the dynamic responses being processed using state of the art software. 





Our laboratory is equipped to test physical, mechanical and chemical properties of any of your aggregate sources whether it be a natural aggregate like rock or sand and gravel to recycled aggregates resulting from a demolition process.  Contamination analysis for site spoil and compliance analysis for topsoils are also able to be tested.




Our fully equipped and highly skilled Field Technicians are able to provide a complete solution to all your testing needs of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar whether it be on your construction site or in our laboratory. 

Additionally we are able to drill concrete core samples for testing either the strength or chemical analysis of in-situ concrete.